Thursday, October 25, 2007

Catholic League: Continue to Boycott Miller Beer

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded today to the latest news regarding Miller's sponsorship of anti-Catholicism:

"The Miller Brewing Company and the Board of Directors of the Folsom Street Fair have both issued press statements this week apologizing for the offensive Last Supper poster that was used to promote the event. As such, they have insulted Catholics one more time. Let me be specific.

"The poster was the least offensive part of this Catholic-bashing forum. What was even more offensive was the sight of Christian symbols being sold at this Miller-sponsored fair as sex toys. The obscene and blasphemous names of these vulgar sex toys are so disgusting that no mainstream newspaper would print them. Then there was the incredible sight of a stripper and a man dressed as Jesus hoisted in cages above a Catholic church on a Sunday. This was done to provoke, taunt and insult Catholics. And who greeted everyone at the street fair? Men dressed as nuns Had they been dressed like Al Jolson"with blackened faces"they would have been run out of town as racists.

"The Folsom Street Fair news release on this subject shows how utterly clueless its officers are. It says, "The mission is to create volunteer-driven leather events that provide the adult alternative lifestyle community with safe venues for self-expression while emphasizing freedom, fun, frolic and fetish and raising funds to benefit charity."

"To which I say: If your idea of a "safe venue" "self-expression" and "fun" includes men being beaten with chains in broad daylight, men who m--- in the street, and men who perform o s on each other in public.I have pictures of these acts, then spare Catholics of your 'fun.' Leave us out of it and you can do to each other whatever you want.

"The only thing Miller is worried about is its logo appearing on a poster for an event it could not possibly defend. Not until it pledges not to sponsor Catholic-bashing events will the Catholic League call off its boycott and its anti-Miller PR campaign. We"re like that proverbial fly who just won't go away."

Contact Miller VP Nehl Horton at
Kiera M. McCaffrey
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

Here is my email to CEO Horton of Miller Beer. Feel free to use parts of it for inspiration, and add your own thoughts.

Mr Horton,

Perhaps you think Catholics are too apathetic to be offended by blasphemy, and too meek to do anything about it. WRONG!
You have aroused the ire of Dr. Bill Donohue of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights.
BIG MISTAKE. He has pledged, and I join him, as a popular Catholic blogger, to either do you out of business, by boycott, or hearing your FULL APOLOGY to CHRISTIANS, and Promise to never support this fiflthy, blasphemous event again.
Over 80% of this country is Christian, and not all of us are teetotalers. We will drink other brands until you realize that to pursue a small constituency, you are sacrificing a much greater one.

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