Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Women Deliver" Fails to Deliver

The United Nations and their member nations have become abortion-obsessed, as you can read in this press release from C-FAM. They ignore glaring causes of death in order to push their agenda for supposed rights of the poor to abortion. It's a thinly veiled case of eugenics; they want to help the poor to exterminate themselves, by providing 'safe' abortions (no abortion is truly safe) while NOT providing life saving medical attention in childbirth, regular check-ups and vaccinations. They ignore glaring cultural issues like sex selection, which threaten women in order to inflict their immoral practices on what are traditional people trying to live by their religious belief, which, in most cases, prohibits abortion.
My obstetrician Dr. Robert Scanlon, volunteers two weeks a year in Nigeria, helping to deliver the babies of the poor. He describes his work here:
" The organization I work with is called Maternal Life International, based in Butte Montana. Our division is called AIM, which stands for aiding infants and mothers. We are located in Huntington, NY , and try to engage students to get involved.
Our foundation is rooted in human dignity, a gift that God our creator has endowed each of us with. From this foundation we build a program that teaches fertility literacy, which recognizes the value of abstinence until marriage, faithfulness in marriage and natural family planning for those who discern the need to space children. On top of this program we teach another program called Safe Passages, which provides training for maternal health care workers as well as aid to hospitals to raise their level of care. Finally, we provide funds to sponsor poor mothers so they can afford prenatal care, go to a birth center for a safe delivery, and then have their child vaccinated.
That's what we do. I will be going over in January to work at Our Lady of the Apostles in Jos Nigeria. It is at this hospital where we sponsor poor women and where we work to train midwives and physicians. While we are there we will put on a conference to train clergy and parish workers as the contraception/abortion agenda is being pushed hard in Nigeria and we hope to give people on alternative that teaches the truths of Church teaching."
Contrast Dr. Scanlon's true concern for the health of women and children to the hypocrisy of "Women Deliver" described below.

(PRESS RELEASE — C-FAM) An international conference to direct policies on maternal and child health gives scant attention to the top causes of maternal and child deaths while focusing 35 out of 98 of its sessions on 'abortion rights'. Pro-family leaders from Europe and North America will attend the Women Deliver conference in London on October 18-20 to spotlight the real needs of women and children and report on the conference’s distortions. They will be available for media during the conference. “Considering the conference’s obsession with abortion, policymakers should not rely on advice from Women Deliver,” noted Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women for America (CWA). “If the conference truly focused on maternal and child health, it would tackle the leading maternal and child health needs as more than trivial additions.” “The best way to reduce maternal and child deaths is with skilled birth attendants and emergency obstetrics. Yet skilled birth attendants is addressed in only 6 sessions, emergency obstetrics in one,” stated Susan Yoshihara, Ph.D., Executive Vice President of Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute. “Post-natal or peri-natal care, fistula, female genital mutilation, newborn health, violence against women, cancer, malaria, and failing health systems get three or fewer sessions each. The handful of panels on HIV/AIDS focuses on rights, not treatment.
No sessions address primary child health issues such as vaccine availability, clean water, sanitation, basic nutritional supplementation such as prenatal and children’s vitamins, or the training of village health workers in spotting or combating protein calorie malnutrition.” Lola Velarde, President of the Institute for Family Policy EU, stated “The medical journal Lancet reported recently on the 100 million missing girls lost to sex selection abortions and female infanticide. Not one session at Women Deliver tackles this leading cause of death of girls. Lancet’s special theme issue for Women Deliver appears to neglect its own revelations on girl-child deaths.” “We cannot reduce maternal and child deaths if policymakers rely on inaccurate information,” said Laura Knaperek, Executive Director of United Families International. “The U.S. experience shows that abortion is not safe, especially chemical abortion, which fails at least 10 percent of the time, requiring surgical abortion. Surgical abortion increases the risk of dangerous early birth in later pregnancies, infections and other complications,” said Donna Harrison, M.D., President-elect of the American Association of Pro Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists. These and other experts will be available for comment to the media.
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raymond said...

Well done on your blog,the momentum to create a so called Human right to abortion seems to be gathering pace day by day.
I was shocked to discover that not all arms of the Church seem inclined to resist this tide of pressure for ''abortion rights'',apart from the usual suspects of ''progressive catholics'' we have Catholic NGOs at the UN like Franciscans International who according to their web site welcome such abortion friendly documents like the infamous ''Maputo Protpcol''.

link below

''Franciscans International welcomes the entry into force on 25 November 2005 of the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa, adopted in July 2003 in Maputo, Mozambique by the African Union.''