Sunday, October 28, 2007

DId you go to see Bella this weekend?

I hope you have, if not, there's still time! Here's my review on Mercatornet to motivate you.

I had the privelege of hearing Fr. Richard John Neuhaus speak on the Catholic Intellectual in Today's Society (I took notes, I'll be posting on his talk) as the closing talk of the Society of Catholic Social Scientists, the conference where I spoke about blogging's impact on society, and the power of Catholic radio.

I couldn't leave before I heard Fr. Neuhaus' talk, so immediately afterwards, I sped away to the theatre where my homeschooling friends had gone to see "Bella". I'll see it myself today.

The ladies came out with shining eyes. The men said the film ended too soon. The kids were awestruck by the powerful pro-life message, the fragility of life. And one of my friends recognized the neighborhood where the scenes' at Jose's parent's home was filmed, Belle Harbor, Queens, NY. Her niece was on the beach when the final scene was filmed, and watched "Bella" being made. Their enthusiasm was contagious, and a well-dressed Hispanic woman approached us, hearing our comments, saying, "you went in to see 'Bella'? I saw an interview on Spanish TV with Eduardo Verastegui and am here to see the film". She went on to relate that EWTN is doing a film on the New Testament with Jim Caviezel.

It seems that Catholics have embraced the medium of film

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