Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fr. Berg of the Westchester Institiute appointed to Empire State Stem Cell Board

Father Thomas Berg has been appointed to the Ethics Committee for New York's Empire State Stem Cell Board. The Board was established earlier this year to oversee $600 million in funding "for basic, applied, translational or other research and development activities that will advance scientific discoveries in fields related to stem cell biology." The Board's inaugural meeting took place yesterday.

Fr. Berg is the Executive Director of The Westchester Institute. This is the best news for New York in a long time. I will pray for Fr. Berg, as I'm sure his work with the Stem Cell Board will be quite challenging.


Monica said...

I'm sure his work with the Stem Cell Board will be quite challenging.

Yes, no doubt! I think it's savvy on the part of the board because the money allottment is, I believe, part of a federal distribution to fund alternative sources for pluripotent stem cells. So, it makes sense that they would ask Fr. Berg, who is a proponent of ANT/OAR stem cell research.

Now, as Catholics, we need to decide if we should be on board this kind of research or not. Very many good and extremely knowledgable Catholics are theoretically on board with it. However, others are not, such as Judy Brown.

I haven't formed my own opinion yet, though I lean slightly against it. I am open to persuasion.

Nolan Reynolds said...

Wow, you mean they actually want to give both sides of thought on the stem cell debate an opportunity to contribute? Like, a fair debate about what the people really want with everyone equally represened? Sounds like democracy! What a novel idea!

PS. Take 'em to school Fr. Berg!