Friday, October 12, 2007

Gutmacher Institute Pushing Abortion for Poor of the World

From Family Research Council
Too Much of a Bad Thing Can Hurt You Too
The U.N.'s World Health Organization (WHO) and Planned Parenthood's lobbying and "research" arm, the Guttmacher Institute, have released a predictably dishonest study in the Lancet, the world's top medical journal. The study's thrust - to expand abortion legalization and tax-funded contraception - is based on spurious estimates of abortions and rates of unsafe abortion around the world. Countries with locked-down, socialized medicine systems probably have good estimates of their abortion rate, but statistics for developing nations are fanciful. The rate of unsafe abortions is guesstimated generously (and mysteriously) by the WHO and then applied to the exaggerated abortion stats. This allows WHO-Guttmacher to announce a health need in developing nations that can be solved only by abortion legalization and more contraception. The notion that pushing abortion in poor nations will decrease maternal mortality is ideological. Surgical abortion is an invasive procedure requiring trained practitioners and specific facilities; chemical abortions (e.g., RU-486) often cause prolonged, dangerous bleeding and infection. Public health professionals have noted consistently that the best way to improve maternal morbidity and mortality in developing nations is to increase the availability and quality of obstetrical care. The study does note some actual decline in abortion in Eastern Europe, where pregnancy care centers have been active. A better consensus is that abortion, legal and illegal alike, fails to serve women and their health.

Remember that Dr. Bernard Nathanson admitted that he and Betty Friedan made up the 5,000 deaths a year by back alley abortions in order to get abortion legalized in the USA. It worked once, let's not fall for that again.

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