Thursday, October 11, 2007

Katelyn Kampf thinks her parents are getting off too easy

Last September, Katelyn Kampf, a teenage girl from Maine who was six months pregnant, and was kidnapped by her own parents, Kampf, who tied her up, and attempted to drive her to New York State, where late term abortions are legal. She asked to be allowed to use the bathroom in New Hampshire, where she called authorities on her cell phone and was rescued.
Now her parents have struck a plea deal, and Katelyn is angry. The felony kidnapping charges are being dropped, and the Kampfs are only being charged with a misdemeanor.
"The young woman also talked about what happened that day she was abducted.
"I did end up making a run for it," Katelyn Kampf said about how she tried to flee her parents. "At one point, I ran out of the house. My father chased me down our driveway and tackled me, and I had grass stains all over, and I was screaming for help."
She also told WMTW that her mother made it clear she wanted to kill Katelyn's six-month-old unborn child at some point.
At one point, she (Lola Kampf) said something about making me have the baby and then killing it, and she would do whatever necessary to make sure the baby never came into the world," she said."

HT Life News
Here's where the advocates of 'choice' have brought us, yet where is their outcry at this grotesque violation of Katelyn's rights?
Just what I expected, the only ones defending Katelyn's free choice to bear her child are the "enemies of choice". Is anyone surprised here?

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Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

On a similar note:
Michelle writes in Pro-Life Moms
“Another abuse occurred this February when an Italian judge ordered that a thirteen-year old girl abort her unborn baby, despite her desperate pleas to save its life. Under Italian law, the parents or guardians of a minor can force her to abort her child, as happened in this case (See”