Monday, March 05, 2007

That Show on Discovery Channel Last Night!

I forced myself to watch "The Lost Tomb of Christ" last night in order to comment on it for my readers, and after waiting for my anger to subside, I decided that Theology of the Body did a much more intelligent critique than I could hope to do. But I will give you my reaction, however(this is NOT breaking my Lenten resolution of not complaining; decrying blasphemy charitably is always a good Lenten practice!)Thus the wait.
Here goes; I have heard anti-Darwin thinkers state that it takes more faith to believe in Darwin's theory than it does to believe in a Creator, and the same applies to this show. Dr James D. Tabor, a professor from UNC and the white-coated experts talk you into a great error of logic. They ask you to start with their assumptions to get to their dubious conclusions. For example, he said, "Catholic tradition holds that St. Peter was beheaded in Rome and is buried under the Vatican, but there is no archaeological evidence of this, and we scholars know better, we just found a bone box with his name on it right here under this apartment building." Case closed.
Ahem, but I hate to have to remind you that the remains of St. Peter were confirmed in their burial place directly under the main altar of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. Case closed.
The professor also assumes that Jesus had brothers, was married to Mary Magdalane, and that his heretofore unknown Uncle Matthew is buried with him.
Don't worry though, John Dominic Crossman, the little blond leprechaun from the Jesus Seminar they always trot in front of the cameras in Lent to say that Jesus wasn't divine, says, "this won't affect my belief in Jesus at all".
Now, I feel better!

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