Friday, March 02, 2007

News: They're Making a Movie about St. Jose Maria Escriva

A great blog I just discovered, named "Orthfully Catholic" written by faithful British seminarians reports the following:
" Apparently in an attempt to undo the damage done by 'The Da Vinci Code' phenomenon Opus Dei are giving theological advice (but no financial aid) for a film about St Josemaria Escriva and the founding of the Prelature. As a film buff and follower of the Saint and his ways I am personally looking forward to the release of this film."
An anonymous commenter on the site said that Roland Joffe would be directing the film, and that Barbara Nicolosi of Act One has written the screenplay.
Evangelical Catholicism says that Antonio Banderas, and Robert De Niro may star in it, which will give it wide appeal. Read more details here.

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Marty said...

I'd like to write the screenplay on that one...