Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ecumenism in the Trenches

Some grudging acknowledgement to the purveyors of the Culture of Death: while praying together outside the doors of your killing centers, we Catholics and Evangelicals have come to know and appreciate one another better. We realize how alike we are in moral teaching, how our pro-life activism stems from our mutual devotion to Our Lord.
Joe Carter over at Evangelical Outpost expressed this most eloquently in his post "What Evangelicals Owe Catholics: An Appreciation". Here's one of my favorite quotes from this wonderful post,

"For nearly thirty years, evangelicals have been working to catch up to our Catholic brothers and sisters on issues of the sanctity of life. Even today, the Catholic Church is more consistent in its application. Sadly, many evangelicals are willing to turn a blind eye to embryo destruction when it occurs for purposes of in-vitro fertilization or for biomedical research. We still have much to learn from the Catholics about how to respect the life that God has created. "

Thank you, Joe Carter, for growing beyond your early prejudices. I pray that Catholics continue to be good examples to you of the splendour of truth, which we believe our Church possesses in it's fullness, because once we are united, goodbye Culture of Death!
HT Jimmy Akin

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