Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mitt Romney Would Have Let Terri Schiavo Be Killed

Mitt Romney said that he thinks “it's probably best to leave these kinds of matters in the hands of the courts. I generally think that it's not a good idea for courts to legislate. Nor is it a great idea for legislatures to adjudicate in a specific circumstance.”
Not even to save a woman's life, Mr. Romney?

Jim Anderson, producer of LifeNews radio says,

"Mitt Romney might find a way to think things through without campaign experts whose only job is to hunt votes where they think they can find them. He could find a way to see that the actions surrounding Terri Schiavo were attempts at checks and balance, and not the misappropriation of power. But if he cannot, we may one day look back and see this week will have been the end of his campaign trail."
"The voters which swing presidential nominations do not entertain foolishness for long."
Let's prove him right.


catholicandgop said...

But, but... but he's pro-life, he said so. We were supposed to believe him.

Yeah, right.

Christine said...

I am soooo disappointed with Sean Hannity...I never expected this from him