Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Blessed Holy Week

I will be leaving the blogosphere for Holy Week, to travel to the South and visit displaced Long Islander friends and family members.
Since Palm Sunday is the second anniversary of Pope John Paul II's death, I leave you with some reflections of that incredible Catholic event. And news about his impending canonization. Santo subito!
Walk through the Passion this week with Our Lord and Our Lady, and enjoy a Blessed Easter.
Be not afraid!


Alice said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful girl who looks *exactly* like her beautiful Mommy! What a striking resemblance!

Alice said...

Leticia, you will be missed.

Have a blessed Holy Week and safe trip!

Andrew said...

Thanks for linking me. To commemorate Pope John Paul II's second death anniversary, I'm sharing this piece which I wrote upon his death. Perhaps you might find it helpful.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Leticia to you and your family. You have been a great source of inspiration to me. I pray that the risen Lord blesses you with strength, courage and peace in this Easter season.
Have a safe journey!

Judy M.

Esther said...

Happy Easter Leticia!