Monday, March 19, 2007

Brownback's Early Successes Continue to Mount

March 14, 2007

Among twelve contenders in a presidential straw poll held at the 2007 CPAC conference (March 1st-3rd), Senator Brownback finished in the top three. Notably, Senator Brownback also won 1st place among “traditional values” Republicans as their top choice for 2008. Furthermore, Brownback placed ahead of both Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee in a Spartanburg County straw poll conducted on March 1st.

Nationally, the Brownback campaign is slowly turning ripples into waves. In a general election face-off, a recent Rasmussen poll (March 9th) found Senator Brownback in a statistical dead-heat against Hillary Clinton. The poll found that Brownback had 41% nationwide vs. Clinton’s 46%, while Mitt Romney trailed Clinton by double that margin (41%-51%).

While Brownback is solidifying support among social conservatives, he is also making deep inroads among fiscal conservatives. The fiscally conservative Club for Growth unveiled a glowing report on Sam Brownback’s record. National President Pat Toomey calls Brownback “…a strong defender of limited government and pro-growth policies.” He continues, “On taxes, Social Security reform, school choice, and tort reform, Senator Brownback has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to fighting for American taxpayers.” For this stellar record, Senator Brownback will be awarded the Defender of Economic Freedom Award by the Club for Growth on March 14th.

Also Grover Norquist, head of Americans for Tax Reform, recently said: "What Brownback has is complete credibility on the social conservative issues and complete credibility on the economic issues."

Media insiders and political pundits are taking note:

· The New York Sun: “Mr. Brownback is certainly on the ‘right’ side on all the major issues, and has a sterling reputation in Congress.”

· The State (largest newspaper in South Carolina): “Sen. Brownback of Kansas has rock-solid credentials among social conservatives, and his passionate rhetoric on such issues as abortion and gay marriage, suffused with references to Christian values, resonates in that wing of the party — as does his often optimistic tone, which will strike some in the GOP as Reaganesque.”

· St. Petersburg Times: “Brownback, a Catholic, can rail against Roe vs. Wade and gay marriage with the best of them. But he also talks about prison reform, fighting AIDS and malaria in Africa…That's a sincere humanitarian streak that could well endear the Kansas senator to crossover voters looking for a palatable alternative to Hillary Clinton.”

We appreciate your support, and the future looks bright. Please look for more updates in the near future.
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Psycheout said...

Great summary of the last couple weeks of highlights, Leticia. I think I've hit all these successes over at Blogs 4 Brownback, but it hadn't occurred to me to put them all in one place.

I'm going to have to put up a post that links to this. Good news concentrate. Just add media spin!

Great job.