Thursday, March 29, 2007

Homeschooling is Getting a Bad Rap in Jersey

I normally cringe when there are 'homeschoolers' in the news. So many unstable or abusive parents who neglect their children's education hide behind the rest of us who slog on, day after day educating our children. I fear that the term 'homeschoolers' will forever conjure up some backwater family hostile to the 'guvmint' people.
As a Catholic mother, I would feel that I'm endangering my three daughters' eternal souls if I DIDN'T homeschool them, in the immoral culture we live in. The Catholic schools are hardly better, here, in fact they can do MORE damage, as one tends to trust that what they are foisting on the students is truth, when sadly, many times it isn't. I know this from personal experience with the historical-critical method of 'debunking' the miracles of the Bible, which I learned in Catholic high school.

Dr. William Marra, who homeschooled in the 1970's when it was unheard of, had a three-pronged approach for decontaminating children from the Culture of Death:

1. Take them OUT of the sewer of popular culture, blocking it's access to your home. Stuff towels under the door if necessary.

2.Create a Catholic culture in your home. Celebrate liturgical seasons, teach Church doctrine, read the lives of the saints, hang plenty of holy pictures on the walls, and don't forget frequent attendance at Holy Mass and the family rosary!

3. If you can, after doing steps 1 and 2, teach them the academics. But, if you're having a bad day, just pull out a deck of cards and deal the them. You have accomplished so much with the first two steps, you can afford to lose a day or two!

Think of all the children WON'T learn in school:
AlGore environmental voodoo science
Homosexual immorality as a healthy lifestyle choice
Many details about sex you never wanted them to know until marriage(or after).
How to sin with no consequences, and how to secretly abort a baby.
How Christian white men have caused all the misery in the world.
Why Obama/Hillary would make the world's greatest president.
The wonders of Islam, (they may even be forced to practice it as in California).
Why it doesn't matter if you can't read or add, if you feel good about yourself.

I could go on, but you get my drift! And they wonder why we can homeschool in half the time it takes for a regular school day! Just look at all the nonsense we can eliminate from the curriculum!

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David said...

How Christian white men have caused all the misery in the world.

Groan. This is very true! I grew up in the 80's feeling a vague sense of guilt for being male. Unfortunately, when I got to university (arts and social sciences degree) it just got so much worse. So much of social sciences and student politics predicates on the belief that the world would be a much better place without us.

Actually I apologise for even polluting your comments box with my oppressive white, Christian maleness. Sorry!