Friday, March 02, 2007

My Letter to the Editor of "National Catholic Register"

Dear Editor,
As a participant in this year’s March for Life, as well as the Bloggers for Life Conference that day, I can confirm the high visibility of Brownback supporters at the March. I can also tell you why. A pro-life leader in the Senate since he won Bob Dole’s seat from a pro-choice governor’s appointee in 1996, Senator Brownback has sponsored such landmark bills as the Fetal Pain Awareness Act, which he re-introduced this week, and a failed bill which would have offered updated information on disabilities to mothers expecting a child with a disability. He said, both at the Conference, and the March, that unborn Down syndrome babies are aborted at a rate of 80%, yet there are waiting lists of parents to adopt them. He pleaded with mothers expecting a child with Down Syndrome not to abort them. He explained that he has adopted his fifth child, a girl in 3rd grade from a selfless mother in China who gave her life. These comments brought on some of the most enthusiastic cheers at the March, as the crowd of 127, 000 knew of his sincere dedication to the pro-life cause.

Senator Brownback has been a Catholic since his conversion in 2002 after reading the works of the late Holy Father, John Paul II, and Blessed Mother Teresa for whom he obtained the Congressional Medal of Freedom, America’s highest honor. His public stands against human trafficking worldwide, for the desperate situation in the Sudan, and his willingness to work with Senators across the aisle, have shown him to be a man who thinks of the Church’s social teaching first, his political career second. Sam Brownback has a sense of mission in his political career, due to a bout with cancer.
He is a man of the highest integrity who rightly deserves the support of Catholics and pro-lifers of all denominations in his bid for the presidency.

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Anonymous said...

I like what Cong. Duncan Hunter has to offer. Has a great Pro Life record ( Check him out at Alice from Phoenix.