Thursday, March 08, 2007

We're Going to Hollywood!

I have accepted an invitation to my first movie premiere: Mr Blue Sky. This film, will be premering in Hollywood on March 9th. It's the love story of a young woman with Down Syndrome who marries a typical man. It's a groundbreaking film, in that this theme has not yet been touched by Hollywood.
The Perspectives International Film Festival is sponsoring this premiere. Their goal is to help create a society in which people with disabilities are seen as unique individuals, welcomed as equal participants in all aspects of community life.
Claire Williamson, a facilitator for disabled individuals at DSALA (Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles)who want to pursue acting in movies. Ms. Williamson has worked as a voice coach for Chris Burke, the star of the TV series "Life Goes On".
The producers of the TV show, "Touched by an Angel", in their episode where a man whose wife is expecting their child with Down Syndrome, and he, thanks to the angel played by Christ Burke, comes to accept his child, the newborn was actually played by a baby with Down Syndrome, and NOT a doll, thanks to Clair.
Her own son, Blair, has worked a the film Unknown which stars Jim Caviezel. I hope to meet them at the premiere on the Fox studio lot. He has appeared in several TV shows such as ER and has a bright future ahead of him.

I applaud Clair's efforts to bring talented individuals with Down Syndrome to the screen, so that we can come to appreciate their gifts. When the producers of the movie "The Ringer" wanted to film a story about the Special Olympics without any participants with Down Syndrome, Clair found them the great comic actor Edward Barbanell who played Billy, famous for his impeccable delivery of the line, "you scratched my CD, you know!" not to mention his "Romeo and Juliet" soliloquy.

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Congratulations on your invitation! Can't wait to read about the trip on your blog. Judy M.