Friday, March 02, 2007

Women just don't matter to the drug companies

"NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Women who use a contraceptive patch appear to be more than twice as likely to develop a dangerous blood clot in their veins as those who use an oral contraceptive, new research shows.
Dr. Alexander M. Walker and colleagues, from i3 Drug Safety in Auburndale, Massachusetts, note that it was not known if users of the patch system ran the same risk of stroke, heart attack and venous blood clots as users of oral contraceptives
Translation: both the contraceptive patch and oral contraceptives more than double your risk of premature death. Birth control is SO liberating!

Hispanic and black women are often targeted for experimental products the the now revoked Norplant, which my former OB, who practiced in a minority neighborhood, pushed heavily. I had a Salvadorean housekeeper who had taken the now banned Depo-Provera shots; she fell down an entire flight of stairs because of light-headedness. She survived, but was shaken.
Another Hispanic friend, who took the Pill, is severely handicapped due to a stroke she suffered at age 28. Her young daughters were shipped out to different family members, and her husband turned into a philandering drunk, arrested 3 times for DWI. She is at her mother's home in El Salvador, where she never sees her daughters in the USA. They were a lovely Catholic family when I first met them, she was looking forward to a nursing career in the US.
These tragedies were caused by lethal drugs these women took while trusting their local clinic. Why wasn't their priest condemning these drugs from the altar?

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