Sunday, March 04, 2007

Stages of Carmelite Spritituality

A Little of This, a Little of That has a great post on the stages of Carmelite sprituality. EWTN has a Bishop Anders Arbolerius of Stockholm, Sweden, discussing Carmelite spirituality in a weekly series as well.

Part of my heart has always longed for the contemplative life. Especially while fixing dinner with moody children arguing about finishing their homework: I think of nuns in front of the Blessed Sacrament, and sigh. I feel certain, when my domestic duties are no longer pressing, that I will make a monastic retreat.

For now, I look forward to being able to see "Into Great Silence" a film made while a man spent six months inside a Carthusian monastery in the Alps. It's an unusualy quiet film, which seems to truly give the viewer a window into monastic life. Surprisingly the New York Times reviewer called it "engrossing". It is out on limited release in the US. View the trailer here.

These things are reminders to step outside the frantic pace of normal American life, and spend some time in the Lord's presence, allowing Him to transform us into His image.


Moniales said...

Dear, while we do have more time before the Bl Sacrament than most, our days, too, are filled with cooking, cleaning, laundry and all sorts of the ordinary for our little monastic family! Not to mention the many people who call on our phone or knock on our doors to talk to us and ask our prayers.

You might have moody children but sometimes we have moody old nuns to care for and it's quite similiar!

The important thing to remember is to do all in the presence of Christ! Think of how Mary did all you do everyday in her home in Nazareth!

During my time of adoration today I'll bring you and ask the Lord to give you his loving consolation!

Leticia said...

God bless you, sister!