Wednesday, March 07, 2007

And the award goes to. . . George Tiller!

Jill Stanek, the RN who assisted at a partial-birth abortion and then testified before Congress to for the Partial-birth abortion ban, has become an important pro-life activist. Her column on her tongue-in-cheek nomination of George, the baby killer, Tiller for the abortionist of the year award is outstanding. She writes that, in honor of March's 10th being the day of appreciation for abortion profiders Here's a preview on the list of potential abortionist of the year nominees:

"Oh dear, and we were already scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Take Reffat Kamel Abofreka of Virginia, for instance, who would have made a spectacular nominee had he not lost his license last April for botching a couple of abortions, then shooing the mothers off to the hospital ER without making arrangements.

We were sorry to learn 82-year-old former abortionist Richard Leigh of Grand Forks (how appropriate!), N.D., lost his license in December for defrauding Medicare, the dear old buzzard.

We were proud California abortionist Laurence Reich managed to avoid license revocation for six years (!) after complaints were filed for sexually molesting patients. But last April his legal options sadly petered out.

On the bright side, New Jersey abortionist Flavius Thompson deserves honorable mention for completing court intervention to learn how not to flush aborted babies into the sewer system so he could have his medical license reinstated in May!

But that news was tempered by a rash of abortion mill closures. We worry about the health and safety of women if all the front alley abortion mills are shut down due to health and safety violations! "

I think Bill O'Reilly would second that nomination. Click here to watch a video of his coverage of the investigation of George Tiller, and the interview with Kelly, who, at age 20 suffered through a late-term abortion at his infamous mill in Witchita, Kansas.

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