Friday, March 30, 2007

Motu Proprio Mania Meme

The Curt Jester,whose random Motu Proprio date calculator graces my sidebar, has discovered this on Suburban Banshee and then made up his own list of Top Ten Signs You've Succumbed to Motu-Mania.

Since we trads are ready to burst with anticipation as Holy Thursday nears, I think I should add my top ten signs. These are nearly all true. Come on, Catholic bloggers, fess up your motu-mania, give your top ten!

10. You're saving money for a airline ticket to send the lucky priest of your choice to Lincoln Nebraska where it's rumored that the FSSP is looking to train priests to say the Old Mass.

9. You've named your blog something hard for even you to spell in Latin, in hopes that a revival of the not-quite dead language will put you ahead of the curve!

8. You're submitting articles on how your family loves the Latin Mass ahead of time, to help flood the Catholic press when the Latin revival hits.

7. Rorarte Caeli's motu proprio release date predictions are the center of your social circle's conversations. And you get excited each time!

6. You hold your breath whenever Raymond Arroyo announces a news brief on EWTN.

5. You realize that people will finally understand what your name, Laetitiae, means.

4. You're teaching your children Latin hymns, so they can join the schola.

3. You mentally review every church you know, to see if the old altar is intact, trying to guess where the Traditional Mass will be offered. You price houses in the area, should you need to relocate.

2. You have made friends with your local SSPX chapel pastor, with hopes that reconciliation will follow closely on the heels of the motu proprio.

1. And the absolute winners are a devout couple I know, who have their children fervently praying for the Motu Proprio, with the proviso that when it comes, they get a puppy!


Esther said...

LOL thanks for the chuckle!

Gen X Revert said...

This is sad. The MP will not change a thing. It will be ignored just like everything else over the past 35 years. There are still enough evil bishops who hate traditional Catholicism to make an MP useless in most dioceses. Priests wishing to celebrate the TLM will be persecuted as much as ever. People really need to not get their hopes up.

Maureen said...

Heh! Fun stuff!

"Und send a little hund to ze kids. Zey will be my new Swiss Ninja Prayer Warriors!"