Friday, March 16, 2007

A Tale of Two Babies

Two single young women found themselves pregnant by their boyfriends. One woman, 22 year old is Sara Lawrence, who is reigning as Miss Jamaica,who could lose her title if she carries her child to term, and the other 19 year old, I-Sharii Best, has far less to lose.
One boyfriend is pleased to be a father, and is supporting his girlfriend, though it will be rough for her to study medicine while a mother, and the other boyfriend, 21 year old Daniel Riase, bought RU486 online, and slipped it into his girlfriend's drink. She miscarried hours later.
Whose boyfriend caused the abortion? The 19 year old's. He is currently under indictment.
Miss Jamaica will relinquish her title, and give birth in September with the full support of her boyfriend. She stated, "I relinquish my position as Miss Jamaica World 2006, having taken a deeply personal decision to face up to my responsibilities as one who expects to become a mother later this year," the Jamaica Gleaner reported.
"I believe that it is my moral obligation to do what I believe to be ethically correct and will follow what I believe to be right" Lawrence added.
The young woman told the newspaper her boyfriend supports her decision to keep the baby and not have an abortion. Though abortion advocates frequently say otherwise, she said she would have no problem continuing to pursue a career and raising her child at the same time.
"I will continue pursuing a career in medicine after the birth of my baby," Lawrence, who is 12 weeks pregnant, said.
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Katelyn said...

This is an interesting story. I'm appalled by that boyfriend and I'm also appalled that drugs like that are available for anyone now. How sad.