Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sean Hannity has put his foot in it this time!

Fr Tom Euteneuer has found an ally in pro-life columnist, Jill Stanek, an Evangelical Christian, as she posts a fine defense of the Catholic Church here.

Read my comment on her blog here:
"I am grateful to Sean Hannity for causing Jill to produce her great article and this enlightened, discussion between Christians on this timely topic. Before 1930 all Christian Churches opposed birth control, as they recognized what it's legalization would do to society. The Episcopal Church in the 7th Lambeth Conference approved it, and the other mainline Protestant denominations followed suit. In the 1965, thanks to the Supreme Court decision Griswold v Connecticut, birth control was made available to married couples, and in 1972 to unmarried people, due to the efforts of abortion clinic owner, Bill Baird.(By the way the so-called right to privacy found by Justice Douglas in this case was the basis for the Roe v Wade decision). "

"Unmarried pregnancy, abortions, and child abuse all skyrocketed, exactly the opposite promised to us by Planned Parenthood, which, by the way, is the nation's biggest abortion business. (Dr Janet Smith does a devastating expose on the failure of contraception to fulfill all the promises that were given as excuses for it, in "Contraception; Why Not?")See the connection? "

"Pope Paul predicted in Humanae Vitae in 1968, that birth control would cheapen the role of women in society and lead to their exploitation. I have just spent a weekend in Hollywood, and there, the culture is absolutely toxic towards women. I had to shield my innocent daughter's eyes repeatedly. Pope Paul also predicted that governments would use birth control to control individuals, as we see in the Chinese one child policy. "

"Fr. Tom Euteneuer with his work in Human Life International has been fighting the worldwide exploitation of women and children which has resulted from the 'freedom' of birth control, and, it's backup when it fails, abortion. He knows of what he speaks. Women were once revered as mothers and wives, now they are almost universally viewed as sex objects. Once you divorce childbearing from sexuality, commitment flies out the window, and women are objectified. Funny how a celibate old man foresaw that 40 years ago. Perhaps he was the only one listening to the Holy Spirit. "

Thank you, Jill, for seeing what so many of our own faithful fail to see; the importance of respect for Church leadership and obedience to the Magisterium. If you're going to call yourself a Catholic, Mr. Hannity, then BE a Catholic. Even when it's inconvenient. Even when you have a liberal pastor who winks at disobedience to the Church's teaching. Even when it means trusting God with ALL of you, your fertility included. I once heard you say you couldn't afford more children. Really! Well, I must have more money than you (not!) because I have one more child. Right?
Sean, I spoke with you in the Book Revue in Huntington, and you seem like a sincere man, when it comes to defending the unborn. Let's remember it's Lent, and admit you were rude to Fr. Tom, and need to go to confession. The conservative Catholic community has been praying for your conversion on this issue long before this latest incident. Let God's grace prevail here, and receive Holy Communion in a state of grace this Easter. I'm sure your parents, God rest their souls, are praying for you at this moment as well.
If you want to tell Sean you want him to apologize to Fr. Tom, and that you're praying for his conversion, send him an email here.

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Christine said...

I am sooooo disappointed with Sean Hannity. I never expected this from him