Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Faith of William Wilberforce

The Better Hour is a documentary which goes into depth about the faith of William Wilberforce. See the trailer here.
Over at Open Book, there is an intellectual discussion of the heritage of Wilberforce for Catholics. I learned that he was a supporter of Irish Emancipation. Makes sense, doesn't it that a man who couldn't bear the thought of humans in chains, wanted to free the Irish from famine, economic, and religious persecution as well. I also learned that three of Wilberforce's children became Catholics, and formed part of the Oxford Movement. That Pope Leo XIII's encyclical which formed the Church's social teaching for the 20th century, Rerum Novarum, was also influenced by Wilberforce.
What far-reaching effects his example has had on our society! No wonder "Amazing Grace" has had a fantastic opening! Don't miss this inspiring film.

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