Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Patrick Buchanan on Educational Fraud

". . . it is all a giant fraud, exposed as such by the performances of high school seniors on the National Assessment of Educational Progress exams known as the "nation's report card." An NAEP test of 12th-grade achievement was given to what The New York Times called a "representative sample of 21,000 high school seniors attending 900 public and private schools from January to March 2005."
What did the tests reveal?
-- Since 1990, the share of students lacking even basic reading skills has risen by a third, from 20 percent to 27 percent.
-- Only 35 percent of high school seniors have reached a "proficient" level in reading, down from 40 percent.
-- Only 16 percent of black and 20 percent of Hispanic students had reached a proficient level in reading.
-- Among high school seniors, only 29 percent of whites, 10 percent of Hispanic students and 6 percent of black students were proficient in math.
This is only the half of it. Among the kids whose test scores on reading and math were not factored in were the 25 percent of white students and 50 percent of black and Hispanic kids who had dropped out by senior year.
Factor the dropouts back in, and what the NAEP test suggests is that, of black kids starting in first grade, about one in eight will be able to read at the level of a high school senior after 12 years, and one in 33 will be able to do the math. Among Hispanic kids, one in 10 will be able to read at a high-school senior level, but only one in 20 will be able to do high-school math. "

*Yet the liberals oppose school vouchers for these failing poor students, out of fear that their failing schools will empty out and the Catholic schools prosper.

*The Democrats want to nominate Hillary, whose husbands' abysmal 3-term education record in Arkansas brought the state DOWN to the lowest ranking from test scores in the nation!!

*"Homeschoolers who do with less than $1000 per student what Washington DC schools can't do with $20,000 per student" , according to former Education Secretary, Bill Bennett, whose wife teaches those students in inner-city Washington.

Some people just never learn!

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