Sunday, March 18, 2007

Great Idea: Mobile Crisis Pregnancy RV outside abortion mills in NY

On Day 1 of Operation FrontLine, our new EMC Frontline Pregnancy Center counselor and ultrasound tech team inside "EMC Mobile Clinic 1" saved three children at high risk of abortion outside of Dr. Emily's Abortion Mill in the South Bronx. See video coverage on links in this email, Chris Slattery
Anti-Abortion Pregnancy Center On Wheels Makes Debut In South Bronx ... NY News 1

The anti-abortion group EMC Frontline Pregnancy Centers set up its ultra-sound equipped motor home outside abortion clinics in the South Bronx Tuesday.
HT Chris Slattery
What a great idea! Taking the battle to the gates of hell, as a pro-life friend put it! That's just where Jesus would be preaching if He were on earth today. Right where women in crisis need to see the truth, and receive true support for bearing life, not death!
I understand it costs $300 per day to run the RV, but what a great service it provides! Three lives saved in one day!

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