Friday, February 29, 2008

China considering dropping One Child Policy

Remember last May, when those courageous peasants who rioted against the One Child Policy in China?
They may have started profound social change in their homeland. China suffers a severe shortage of women thanks to sex selection abortions, favoring boys. There are no wives for many Chinese men. China's communist government is reaping the rewards of their sins. Sp the government may drop the One Child Policy incrementally.
If they do it by this summer, we might consider dropping our call to boycott the Olympics in Beijing. Of course, the Catholics and other Christians who were jailed for their faith must also be released.

Just like the brave shipyard workders in Gdansk, Poland, who started Solidarity which tore down the Iron Curtain within a decade, freeing tens of thousands from 40 years of Communist dictatorships, ths simple farmers of the countryside may be tomorrow's heroes.
Pray for the Chinese to see the beauty of children again, and stop the murder.

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Anthony Ozimic said...

I'm afraid it's more likely to be disinformation - see