Monday, February 04, 2008

Pope Benedict's prayer intention for February

Please share the word that Pope Benedict is urging all Christian people to join in prayer for the mentally handicapped during this month of February.

Please say a special prayer, if you would, for my son, Peter Damien Watson. Born severely handicapped with profound cardiac and neuromuscular difficulties, his doctors did not expect him to survive beyond three or four years. This coming first of July, he will be 33! He lights up our life.

Thanks! Oremus pro invicem. (Let's pray for one another.)

Richard A. Watson, M.D.
Past President, Catholic Medical Association (USA)

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Judy M. said...

Thank you Dr. Watson and Leticia for sharing this. I might not have known the Holy Father's February intention otherwise.

I will pray for your son, Leticia's Christina and all the other children I know who are mentally handicapped, including my daughter, Christina.

These children are truly blessed and will pull us up to heaven!

Thank you also, Dr. Watson for your work at the Catholic Medical Association. At a time when I cannot agree with much of what my own specialty proclaims, it is wonderful for me to know your group is out there educating us pro-life doctors!