Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Lost Generation

Catholics who go to Mass more frequently have more children and more stable marriages. This comes as no surprise to anyone remotely acquainted with Catholicism in the USA. What may be a suprise is this: Interestingly, however, the study found that agreement with Catholic teaching is highest amongst older (born before 1943) and the much younger (born after 1981) Catholics, with the least agreement with Church teachings found in the middle generation.
These are the casualties of the post-Vatican II madness, where the pendulum swung so quickly to the left, that baby boomers were left to decide for themselves what Catholicism meant. They are still doing it, and unfortunately, they are running many dioceses at this moment. Another generation must pass away until the faithful younger generation takes control and restores the Faith to Catholic institutions, schools, hospitals, universities, CCD programs, etc. Will they be left standing then? The hard work of the 19th century building these fine institutions has been swiftly rendered mute as the liberals destroyed their Catholic character. Think only of the promiment Catholic Univesities putting on that pornographic lesbian play.
The family is no less of an institution of society, and it too is being destroyed, by indifference to Humanae Vitae, to marital fidelity and failure to raise up their children in the Faith. Who can blame them? No one spoke to them from the pulpit about the importance of such things, and they were too busy making mobiles and collages in CCD classes in the 1970's.
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