Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pro-life protesters to greet Hillary tonight at St. Mary's University

Please pass this on the all the Pro-Life Prayer Warriors. Terri Haring of the Allied Women's Center in San Antonio is leading a demonstration today at all entrances to St. Mary's University beginning at 5:00 PM. This protest is in regard to the visit of the queen of the culture of death--Hillary Clinton--speaking at their Greehey Gymnasium/Auditorium.

Another sad day for the Catholic Church when a catholic university uses it's facilities to allow a pro-murder candidate to promote herself and the culture of death, all under the context of academic freedom and freedom of speech. Nonsense. St. Mary's and it's president, Charlie Cottrell and it's chairman of the board of trustees, Ruben Escobedo are accomplices in promoting the culture of death! Where are the Society of Mary priests? Are they hiding and also falling victim to the power of money and secularism in lieu of standing up for Jesus and professing the TRUTHS of HIS Church.

I am embarrassed to be an alumni and any other alumni who read this, please notify St. Mary's that you will no longer make contributions to a university more beholding to satan than to God. I pity the poor families sacrificing to send their children to such a place which promotes such sinfulness and put their students at risk of their salvation.

I assure parents they would be better off by sending their children to Texas A&M and getting them active in the very rigorous and orthodox Catholic center--St. Mary's Parish.

Pray for our Church, it's bishops, priests, and universities. In the meantime please withhold pledged funds from St. Mary's until it regains it's moral bearings.

David J. Koch

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