Friday, February 01, 2008

Guest Post: Pro-life Cartoonist John Francis Borra

As originally conceived, this cartoon was directed at medical practitioners who've turned their talent and training into the means of genocide. But as I put pencil to paper last week, I realized the gag was falling short of the real culprits. Few, if any, abortionists would be in business if not for many millions of supporters. Among these, of course, are pandering politicians who sell out vulnerable young women and their unborn children.

Those who watched the Democrats' response to Monday's State of the Union address saw such a culprit. As a Kansas legislator and chief executive, Kathleen Sebelius has publicly repudiated her most precious heritage-- the Catholic Faith-- by aiding and abetting the killers. Listening to her all-too-earnest pleas on behalf of America's children, one would assume she's pro-life. But her career has been funded by the likes of Wichita's notorious George Tiller and Planned Parenthood of Kansas & Mid-Missouri, the late-term abortion operators under investigation for routinely concealing evidence of rape. On Tuesday, she publicly endorsed infanticide advocate Barak Obama during his campaign stop in central Kansas. And last year, Governor Sebelius launched a vigorous effort to bring human cloning, harvesting and experimentation to Kansas, developing a macabre parallel to the state's lucrative cattle industry.

Clearly, Kathleen Sebelius' vision for America's children has more to do with petri dishes than playgrounds.

But apostatizing politicians are just the tip of this iceberg of stone-cold hearts. The truly culpable include the multitude of Americans who are too excited by veneers of charm and good looks to consider the lives such candidates would legislate into oblivion; journalists and entertainers who portray vice as virtue and virtue as vice; self-styled religious leaders and their flocks, who fashion golden calves to suit their self-indulgence; young adults, weaned on the notion of freedom without responsibility; status-conscious parents who won't abide a pregnant teen. The list goes on.
Indeed, Osama bin Laden should be the least of our worries.

cartoon and commentary by John Francis Borra

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