Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Stand True is taking the movie "Bella" to Ireland

Stand True is working with Youth Defense to bring the movie "Bella" to Ireland. Bryan Kemper will be speaking at the International Student Pro-life Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland at the end of March and then heading over to Ireland to screen Bella.
Bryan will be traveling with members of Youth Defense to several Universities in Ireland to screen "Bella" in advance of the movie's release in Ireland. Stand True worked closely with "Bella" all summer and throughout the fall to help make "Bella" such a huge success in the United States. We are excited to help bring "Bella" to Ireland and Scotland now.
We know that a lot of movies that are promoted as "Christian movies" are cheesy and really not very artistic. "Bella" breaks those stereotypes and is honestly one of the best movies you will ever see. It is not your typical "Christian movie". It is an amazing and powerful film. God has used "Bella" to save lives, as we have heard from many women who have changed their minds and kept their babies after seeing the movie.
If you have not had a chance to see Bella, it will be out on DVD in the States this spring.

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