Thursday, February 14, 2008

What a courageous teacher!

A California science teacher has been placed on administrative leave after coming under fire following the showing of a pro-life film, The Silent Scream, that details an abortion procedure. First-year teacher Randy Yang showed the movie to five eighth-grade classes at Russell Middle School.
Now they are going to fire him.
So much for the First Amendment, it's suspsended at the classroom door. If that had been a terrifying global warming film or explicit gay sex film, Yang would getting tenure. My daughters were attending a filmaking class at a local library, and the teacher bragged about meeting Obama, and asked them whether they wanted to make films to stop global warming. He proceded to show clips of a global warming film and Michael Moore's film, "Sicko" at which point my daughters and their friends walked out. The teacher confronted them, "Why are you leaving?" to which Gabbi responded,"we don't believe it, why should we watch it?" He gave her a dirty look. Had he been her science, health, social studies or English teacher, she would have been a captive audience. Mr. Yang gave his students a choice of films, and they chose, "The Silent Scream".

I was a bilingual science teacher, and didn't have his guts; I was pregnant and needed benefits. But I did show "The Miracle of Life" which shows the beauty of an unborn baby throughout his development with an emphasis on closeup shots at 16 weeks. The kids were very impressed, and no one will be able to tell them that an unborn child is just tissue.
Once I made a casual comment to my First Holy Communion Class that I didn't believe in global warming, and I heard a collective gasp. These were limited English proficient first graders. They may not know how to read and write English yet, but they had already been exposed to the propaganda of the left.

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Net said...

Folks just can't handle seeing abortion for what it truly is, the killing of an innocent child so tiny, so beautiful, so they censor it.

The following is a really hard article to read, but I'm leaving it here because it compares the killing of the unborn with the crucifixion of Christ. Interestingly I had already placed an image of "the crucified bloody Jesus" atop our site. Now I have linked this story to the photo.

If was horrible, horrible

Also here's one on Mr. "Hope" and "Change" Obama (notice the author's last name) that I think all who are anticipating voting for Barack should read. I realize maybe not so many would be at your site in this category, but they might have kids that would vote for him. Our own son did and he is pro-life!!! (Yes, we've talked with him.)

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. Defends Partial-birth Abortion

And, Leticia, you are more than welcome to join Silent Souls for Huckabee. While it is a site for women who regret their abortions (I've since changed that because I had a father write in and a grandmother write in), it is now a site for anyone to comment that has been hurt or is hurt by the act of abortion in the U.S. And, of course, you have to be solid for Huckabee too, but I know that's not an issue with you [insert smiley]. We have a comments section in the polls. No pressure, but feel free to comment if you would like to. Your blog is outstanding. Keep up the great work for Jesus, Mary and the Saints!

Silent Souls for Huckabee