Friday, February 08, 2008

Something wicked this way comes. . .

Houston will be the site of the largest free standing abortion facility in the Western Hemisphere

As most of you are very well aware, our local Planned Parenthood is expanding and purchased a very large building at 4600 Gulf Freeway a little over a year ago. This expansion is being done to comply with Texas law stating that an abortion of a pregnancy of 16 weeks or more has to be done at an ambulatory surgical center or hospital licensed to perform the abortion.

What we didn’t realize is that when this move takes place, which is projected for the fall of 2008, Houston will have the notoriety of having the largest free standing abortion facility in the Western Hemisphere. Planned Parenthood of Houston & Southeast Texas plans to open a multimillion dollar “flagship” abortion center just outside the gates of the University of Houston’s main campus. This 6-story building is 78,000 square feet, and the ambulatory surgical center will take up the entire third floor. This is where unborn babies up to 25 weeks will be aborted. This is more than half way through a woman’s pregnancy! We know that babies born after 24 weeks have a very good chance of survival. Click here to see images of unborn babies up to 25 weeks.

I’m sure that you would agree that Texans must take a stand against the opening of this late-term abortuary, peacefully and legally.

Lord have mercy on them!

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GrannyGrump said...

Are they planning to kill more women and girls in Houston than the exiting abortion mills? Planning to add to the pile of corpses that already includes Latachie Veal, Denise Montoya, and Sheila Watley?