Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pro-lifers prefer Obama to Hillary

Frances Kissling is thrilled about this trend. As the former president for the misnamed "Catholics for a Free Choice" she is an Obama supporter. She is educated enough in the realm of abortion to know who the true believer is: Barack Obama has shown himself to be even more rapidly pro-abortion than Hillary, which is no small feat. Somehow pro-life voters have failed to see this.
" The main difference between the two candidates, for Kissling, was that Sen. Clinton was not radical enough on the issue of abortion and "had more than once failed the movement." Kissling criticized Clinton for failing to require abortion coverage in her health care reform plan as First Lady in 1994, and for allowing "any provider, religious or not, to refuse to provide any service they deemed immoral and still participate in the plan and reap the benefits of participation."
According to Kissling Clinton still has not sufficiently addressed whether her plan for universal government health care would require abortion coverage or whether it "will give religious organizations the right to refuse to provide services they consider 'immoral' - emergency contraception, voluntary sterilization, condoms to prevent HIV, and assisted reproduction come to mind."

We MUST let our fell0w Catholics, and pro-lifers know what is behind that deceptive rhetoric of Obama, that it's time to look at his record, and stop swooning at his speeches. He is beginning to remind me of a dangerous demogogue, and so many Americans are falling under his power, I fear for the future of this nation.
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