Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bush has it wrong: Islamofacism won't have to invade by force

Why go through all the trouble planning another 911 style attack when you have leading clerics like the Archbishop of Canterbury in England handing their country over to you? Read Chuck Colson's take on this troubling trend here.
Thnk Sharia Law comes only after a full scale invasion? Think again. When Christian leaders have capitulated their core moral beliefs so drastically that their moral leadership is gone, and their churches are empty, Islam will come in to fill that void. It's happening throughout Europe, and it could happen here.
Add to that the devastatingly low population growth numbers in Europe and you see that the Muslim domination of Europe, fought back for centuries, will be an unavoidable fact unless Catholics start acting like Catholics, and stop contracepting themselves into extinction.
To refresh your memory, the 20th century saw more Christian martyrs than all the centuries preceding it combined. Guess what killed many of these Christians? Anti-Christian Muslim governments.
Our Lady has a special devotion among Muslims. Let's ask her protection from this onslaught. Let's ask her to pray for our repentance and conversion before our faith is outlawed. We would only have ourselves to blame.

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