Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Rudy's Revenge

I shouldn't have discounted Rudy Guiliani. Sure, he's no longer in the race, but his influence has had more of an effect on the election than we realize. He set up the whole Super Tuesday, winner take all scenario that has John McCain way ahead of Huckabee who won Arkansas, West Virginia, Georgia, and Alabama last night. Those states' delegates were given out by percentage won, if you got 50% of the state's vote, you got 50% of the state's delegates. McCain and Huckabee were neck and neck in Missouri for example, but McCain got all that state's delegates, because it, like NY, CT, NJ is a winner take all state. Nothing for second best, no matter how close. That put McCain farther ahead in delegates than he is in the popular vote.
This entire system favors a moderate Republican who appeals to more liberal Northeast voters, exactly the type Guiliani thought he'd win, in the states he thought he'd win. Guiliani paved the way for McCain to seem far more popular than he is, virtually ignoring the opinion of Southerners. The Democrat Primaries are all by percentage, which keeps Hillary and Obama from coasting to an easy victory, they have to battle state by state.
Republicans ought to be more watchful of who is in charge of their party, before they find themselves alone in it. Letting a man who doesnt' share our conservative morality and who made no showing in the popular vote make the rules for his own benefit is bound to bother conservatives. We might even do something. . .
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