Sunday, February 17, 2008

Would unborn babies vote for Huckabee?

There's a new blog, Silent Souls for Huckabee whose contributors have been hurt by abortion, and in reparation, are speaking out for the only truly pro-life candidate left in the race. Even though abortion hasn't come close to my life, as a mother who has lost three children to miscarriage, I know at least some of the post-abortive woman's pain. As the mother of a special needs child, I hurt every time I learn that children like Christina are aborted at a rate of 90%. It IS personal as lovely children with Down syndrome aren't able to give their unique gifts to our world, making Christina more and more lonely. As a teacher, I know that one third of the students which should fill my classroom have been aborted. My social security is in trouble since 1/3 fewer workers are paying into our system, so my future has been hurt by abortion. And just think of those anguished souls who've had abortions, and who are the walking wounded, how callous the world is to their pain, indeed, the toll of abortion touches us all.
SO, I have three silent souls in heaven who are praying for the killing to end. And for a man after God's own heart to win the election. I think my sons are praying for Mike Huckabee.

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