Friday, February 08, 2008

McCain is no conservative

Rush Limbaugh, no fan of McCain, or Huckabee, says this,
"Here's the thing about McCain: he can't win conservatives in the South by virtue of this primary yesterday," Limbaugh said. "These blue states that McCain won last night are places where he has no chance in November."
HT ABC News via Life Site
I noticed that as well here. Who cares how many blue states McCain carried in the primary? We all know they'll go for the Democrat Nominee in November. Huckabee won the red states in the South, and nearly won Missouri, an important swing state. Will the conservatives vote for McCain in the fall. Ann Coulter said she'd rather vote for Hillary than McCain. I'm tired of "taking one for the team" and holding my nose to vote for a moderate.
There are those who feel that two years of Hillary would shock Republicans back into reality. It worked with Bill Clinton in 1994, and the Contract with America. How quickly we pro-lifers are forgotten by the fat cats in Washington, whom we put in office. NARAL garners more respect than we do. Why don't we learn from them?

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Anthony said...

If it is a choice between McCain and Hillary or Obama, I will most likely vote third party come November. McCain is more like a Democrat and I highly doubt he will appoint pro-life justices to the Supreme Court.