Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The pro-lifer who provoked a tirade from Bill Clinton

The YouTube clip above doesn't tell the entire story of pro-life hecklers getting an irate response from Bill Clinton. Catholic musician David Vogel was performing at Franciscan University of Steubenville, when he decided to challenge Clinton at the rally.
"Vogel, a resident of Steubenville and a Catholic recording artist who regularly performs at Franciscan University, told that at one point during Clinton's speech he was talking about what his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton, was doing for child protection. "What about the thousands who are being aborted," asked Vogel, who could be heard by Clinton, as he was only about 10 feet from the stage. Clinton turned in response, saying, "I'll answer that, you wait and hold your sign, and I'll answer that."
Signs were being held by University students standing with Vogel. One such sign read "Abortion Kills Children", which Vogel notes as a providential coincidence given his line of questioning.
According to Vogel, Clinton went on with other subjects and eventually began speaking about child health care and mentioned Bush's "no child left behind" program. Recalled Vogel, "I hollered: 'No child left behind? What about the 4000 plus children that are scheduled for abortion tomorrow. They are people too and we want answers.'"

That's similar to what I shouted at Hillary in 2000, "you say you are pro-child, Hillary, you can't be pro-abortion AND pro-child!"
The Clintons would have done well to learn from history. Pro-abortion Catholic Presidential Candidate John Kerry was met with vocal protesters in Steubenville in 2004. Democrats for some reason have come to rely on Catholics ignorant of Church teaching that Human Life NOT the economy is THE primary issue on which to base your vote. At least students at Steubenville understand this, and continue to be salt and light to the world.Here's my photo of them at this year's March for Life. I wrote a letter to the National Catholic Register recently saying that when choosing a good Catholic College for my girls, public examples like theirs put their university on the short list. That's the type of education and example I want for my girls, not my alma mater, St. Anselm's who in this month's alumni magazine, proudly displays a photo of Bill Clinton during his speech at the college.

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