Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Exploiting Down syndrome the new fad

Case #1
Al Qaeda tricks two young women with Down syndrome into suicide bombing mission. Read article here. I guess they ran out of willing victims to suicide bomb kill women and children, so now they move on to unwilling victims. This is the depth of depravity.

Case #2
In the commercial where Hillary used the image of Bobby Kennedy visiting the poor to show herself in the same light, she is seen visiting a child with Down syndrome, to show how compassion. BIG mistake Hillary, and I'm going to call her on it every chance I get. She is a hypocrite and a fraud.
Hillary supports every single form of abortion possible, including the henious partial birth abortion, which was on of the ways mothers expecting children with Down syndrome were able to kill over 90% of their late term babies. I have a message for her:
Don't you dare pretend you love our beautiful children with Down syndrome, Hillary! As I told her the day I protested at her campaign stop in my hometown,
"You can't say you're pro-child, and pro-abortion, Hillary!"

Case #3
Film "What is it?", uses actors with Down syndrome in a demeaning role.
What Is It?, a surrealist film featuring a cast comprised almost entirely of people (most are non-actors) with Down syndrome.
After the film, Glover opened the room to Q & A. I asked the first question. "I have a young son with Down syndrome. Could you please help me understand how you can believe that you did not exploit all the actors with Down syndrome?"Glover has been showing this film to audiences across the US and he said that this was the first time anyone had asked him that question
HT Narrow Ridge
He went on to say that the killing of live snails caused a lot of controversy but the exploitation and humiliation of people with Down syndrome did not. In a culture who values snails over human beings such a reaction shouldn't cause me to feel sick. But it still does.
National Down Syndrome Society, National Down Synrome Congress, are you listening?

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