Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hillary rally interuppted by 'cavemen'

Oh, the woes of Hillary! No kid glove treatment in New Hampshire, I see!
I once interrupted a New York rally in 2000 when she was running for Senate by bringing my two girls, and carrying a homemade banner which read, "Our Lady of Long Island, Pray for Us!" bearing an image of Our Lady, arms outstretched over the Island.
As I unrolled the banner, Hillary stumbled in her plastic covered speech # 55, glancing sideways at us, held back by the ropes wrapped around the invited guests, members of the press who didn't ask a single question, and adoring fans,who wanted her autograph.
Suddenly, three HUGE Secret Service people (one was a tall woman) surrounded me, and I joked about being dangerous with my girls. They smiled (this was pre 911). I started to get the locals agitated that they were being roped out of a public park, so the ropes were removed, and I was given 'access' to Hillary. I was allowed to stand along her path back to the van.
She walked past me all right, sideways to give me her back which was fortunate, because as she stepped away from the podium, 7 year old Gabbi, gasped, terrified, "Mom, she's coming to get us!" I looked up to see what she meant, and Hillary was indeed casting a menacing eye in our direction. So, as our dear Senator from New York entered the van, I was at the window reminding her of her speech where she claimed to be pro-child,
"Hillary you can't be pro-child and pro-abortion!!"
I knew her win in New York was a given, I just had to be a fly in the ointment. Things in the Presidential Election are far from certain however.
UPDATE: There is a growing supspicion that this whole snafu was staged, based upon the fact that those who yelled, "iron my shirt" were Hillary supporters, as observed on the bumper sticker on the car they used to leave the rally.

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