Wednesday, January 23, 2008

March for Life 2008 Coverage is coming soon

Since you probably haven't seen any coverage of this huge grassroots event, unless you watch EWTN or listened to Laura Ingraham last night, I will be bringing lots of reports of the March in the next few days.

The March for Life has turned into a week long event, filling Washington DC with youth events, political discussions, and prayer, everywhere there were people praying for the end to the greatest injustice of our history; the murder of nearly 50 million innocent children in the womb since 1973. I went to as many events as I could in a little over 24 hours, and will document them here, so stay tuned. One of the points driven home repeatedly in the Blogs for Life Conference and elsewhere, was the importance of the alternate media; the blogs to get the word out to you, the people.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your coverage! I haven't been able to find much info. in the mainstream media and didn't get a chance to watch EWTN.
My state had a March at the State Capitol while our representatives and senators were in session. Not one of them showed up and I couldn't find any coverage of it in the media. It was a complete non-event to most people in the state. It was actually my first March and I know I will be back in the future with my children!

Judy M.

Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ said...

It's great that you are doing all that for the unborn..God bless you..