Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why Catholics are attracted to Huckabee

This is my reaction to an outstanding article from Deacon Keith Fournier, which explains my reasons for supporting Huckabee. Read the entire article here.
Deacon Fournier explains how a Catholic left the Democratic Party.
"I was brought into the Republican Party by the positions and the appeal of Ronald Reagan. Most importantly, it was because Reagan heard the cry of the ones whom Mother Teresa called the “poorest of the poor”, children in the womb.
When my own Party decided to stop their ears to the cry of these children, as a concession to the new “liberals” who tout license as liberty, I began to question whether I could remain. Then, when they censored the last champion of both the poor and the working men and women in the Democratic Party, Pennsylvania Governor Robert Casey, by not allowing him to even speak at their convention, I knew what I had to do."
My dear Irish Grandma, Democrat to the core, recognized this as well, as the Democratic Party became the Party of Death. She liked Reagan, whom she called, "Reegan" and almost voted for him in 1984, but a fall broke her hip, and she was in the hospital for the election, "I guess I wasn't supposed to vote for Reagan", she mused.
Deacon Fournier continues,
"Whether he takes the Republican nomination or not, Mike Huckabee may be the emerging leader of a new issue focused alliance of voters. These folks are not capable of being pigeon holed. They are quite capable of exercising their prudential judgment, placing the multitude of political, economic, social and policy issues which form the backdrop for this campaign, within a hierarchy of importance. These voters cannot be lumped under the assorted vacuous verbal political labels used by the media such as “religious right”, “conservative”, “right wing” or “neo-conservative”.
Oh, do not get me wrong, these folks also do not fit the contemporary American use of the word “liberal” either.
Huckabee uses a phrase,” Vertical politics” to explain his message and his direction. He speaks of calling Americans beyond the old horizontal labels to a higher ground and a better future."

I have enjoyed the discomfiture of pundits like Rush and Sean as they bemoan the lack of true conservatism in the Republican candidates. I have news for both of you, and for Laura Ingraham and Peggy Noonan; I am a Catholic first and a Conservative second. I mostly want to conserve the Ten Commandments as expressed in Catholic teaching. That includes Catholic social teaching. This often leaves me without a comfortable political home, and I love watching liberals think I'm pro-abortion when I work with the poor, and conservatives assume I'm pro-Iraq war because I'm pro-life. I try and ask where Jesus would stand on an issue, using the writings of the Holy Father as a guide. Both Benedict and John Paul have spoken out for us to help poor immigrants, and against the Iraq war. I'm in good company.

So, what party has my registration? I collected signatures before I could vote in high school for the Right to Life Party in New York State. That's where I felt at home for 25 years, till it lost the votes to keep it on the ballot. Now, my vote is up for grabs. I am a registered Conservative, as the Long Island Coalition for Life felt that the Conservative Party here was forgetting it's pro life roots, and asked me to register as a Conservative.
If abortion is outlawed someday, and traditional marriage protected, I could even vote for the party of my Irish Gran, and Italian Grandparents, all of whom where Democrats. committeemen. Don't think because legalized abortion got me to vote Republican so far, that you own me. I was ready to walk with Dr. James Dobson if Rudy Guiliani were nominated. I didn't see enough difference between him and Hillary or Obama as far as the Right to Life was concerned. As Fr Frank Pavone says, "If Osama Bin Laden were running, would you worry about his economic policy?" Anyone who justifies the terror of 1.5 million helpless babes torn limb from limb or burned by chemicals in their mother's womb, does not have the moral compass we need to lead us in this dangerous world.
Deacon Fournier puts it so beautifully,
"These voters place the dignity of every human person and the right to life from conception to natural death at the head of every concern."

"It is not a “single issue” for them but a framework through which the entire race must be seen. They argue that without the right to life there are no other rights and that persons must always take precedence. They will never accept the idea that a society should allow the killing of it’s young in the womb and, worse yet, celebrate it as a “right” when it is wrong. "

Exactly, Deacon Fournier, perhaps Catholics have to find a better political home, and Mike Huckabee is leading the way.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Mike Huckabee, wrapped in the flag, and carrying the cross. NO THANK YOU.

Anonymous said...

Leticia ... here's a link for your readers who would like to say the Rosary online (for Huckabee!) with a recording. The tapes are very nice ... no background music or "over-talking" ... just the Rosary ... all four mysteries too.:) They are located in the Podcast at top-right. Click "Posts" for all the mysteries to show up.

St. Michael, the archangel, pray for Mike Huckabee and his team!

The Most Holy Rosary

Domers for Huckabee

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that even hardline evangelicals in South Carolina are split over Huckabee, and his desire to change the Contitution to reflect the Word of the Living God.

If that nonsense didn't play in South Carolina, it won't play anywhere. I think we've seen the last of the Huckster. Good riddance.