Tuesday, January 29, 2008

FCC fines ABC $1.43 million for indecency

Great news! The Federal Communications Commission has fined ABC television stations $1.43 million for broadcasting indecent programming on "NYPD Blue." It was the second-largest indecency fine against a television broadcaster ever. The agency proposed a $27,500 fine against 52 ABC-owned and affiliate stations in the Central and Mountain time zones, which broadcast the episode before 10 p.m.-the cutoff for the FCC's authority to police the airwaves. The episode, shown Feb. 25, 2003, included a scene featuring a woman and a young boy. In the scene, the woman disrobes in a bathroom. Thanks to the more than 40,000 AFA supporters who filed complaints with the FCC. Would you please take a moment to send a "Thank You!" to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin and the other commissioners?
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The Filipino Monkey said...

$1.43 million is nothing to ABC, and I'm sure it was well worth the publicity you dumbells drum up every time with one of your "calls to action."