Friday, January 04, 2008

Huckabee has a clear victory in Iowa Caucus

The Iowa people have spoken, and the soft voiced, smiling Governor from Arkansas has been chosen. Mike Huckabee is unasuming, yet confident, what you see is what you get, decent, honest God-fearing man. Unlike Sam Brownback who is all of these things as well, Mike Huckabee seems to connect easily with crowds; an essential quality for a winning presidential candidate.
SO what's the problem with Sean Hannity, Rush, and Peggy Noonan? These three are used to being consulted on who should run for office. They are the kingmakers, to whom economics (having money like they do)trumps moral values. Huckabee is too humble in this area to garner their respect. Also, they may feel the egg on their faces from their past treatment of Huckabee.
Hannity told Brownback and Huckabee to drop out nearly a year ago, and let Rudy Guiliani win. He tried to convince his listeners that Rudy had an epiphany on abortion, and when we didn't believe them, Hannity switched tactics to say that we didn't need a pro-life candidate, just one who would appoint strict constructionist justices to the Supreme Court. Laura Ingraham and Peggy Noonan spent an hour trying to say how pro-life Mitt Romney had become. PUHLEEZE!!
Just how much of your kool-aid are conservatives suupposed to drink, ladies!
I didn't see Rudy anywhere in Iowa, oh, I know, it's not important, he was in Florida, where all the retired New Yorkers are. Such arrogance! What else would you expect from a New Yorker?(I can say that, I am one) I almost choked when Shepherd Smith said that there may be 3 New Yorkers in the presidential race; Guilani, Bloomberg, and Hillary. Bad enough we have to claim the first two, but Hillary never was a New Yorker, she was clearly using us as a stepping stone to what she's doing now, no matter how often she brandishes her Yankee hat!
And as to experience, I don't see Romney with any foreign experience. He's just a pampered rich boy who coasted to success on his daddy's money and power, saying the right things to the right people. Mike Huckabee is our Abe Lincoln, honest, hardworking and folksy. We trust him as a leader because of his personal integrity, his open pro-family, pro-life views, his unabashed Christianity, and his understanding of the plight of the middle class. Here's a quote form the Governor's victory speech last night, which strikes at the hear of this divide between the people and the pundits, "I think we've learned three very important things through this victory tonight. The first thing we've learned is that people really are more important than the purse, and what a great lesson for America to learn. Most of the pundits believe that when you're outspent at least 15 to 1, it's simply impossible to overcome that mountain of money and somehow garner the level of support that's necessary to win an election.Well, tonight we proved that American politics still is in the hands of ordinary folks like you and across this country who believe that it wasn't about who raised the most money but who raised the greatest hopes, dreams and aspirations for our children and their future.And tonight I hope we will forever change the way Americans look at their political system and how we elect presidents and elected officials.
PASCENDI of Fatima Now sums it up:
But actually, the grass roots is shifting from “soccer moms” to “home schooling moms”, and I like that. Homeschoolers were a major force in Huckabee's Iowa sucess. Yeah for homeschooling moms who get involved!
Many pundits think that President George H WBush lost the second term to Clinton because, when asked a simple question about supermarket scanners, his answer revealed that he hadn't been to a supermarket and seen one. Does Mitt Romney kn0w what a self-serve gas pump is? Perhaps the windows of his limousine are too darkly tinted to allow him to see out as his chauffeur pumps gas. Whatever it is, he may be able to win his neighboring state of New Hampshire, but I don't think the good people of South Carolina will vote for Romney.
That'll be another Huck victory. Sorry, Rush.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Huckabee is quoting CHESTERTON.

This guy is a FAR CRY from Romney or Bush or any of the other modernists in the so-called "Conservative camp"

No wonder National Review On Line is trying to mimimize the governor's success. HUCK AIN'T NO FREEMASON!

Here is an excerpt from Huck's victory speech courtesy of NCTradCatholic! Thanks NC!

And, ladies and gentlemen, we've learned something else tonight, and that is that this election is not about me. It's about we.
And I don't say that lightly. I'm the person whose name gets on the signs, who occasionally gets the attention in some...
... of the few ads that came out here and there.
But the election is not about me. And the country is not just about me.
What is happening tonight in Iowa is going to start really a prairie fire of new hope and zeal. And it's already happening across this nation because it is about we; we the people.
We saw it tonight. We've seen it in other states. And we're going to continue to see it because this country yearns and is hungry for leadership that recognizes that when one is elected to public office, one is not elected to be a part of the ruling class; he's elected to be a part of the serving class

Because we the people are the ruling class of America.
G.K. Chesterton once said that a true soldier fights not because he hates those who are in front of him, but because he loves those who are behind him. Ladies and gentlemen, I recognize that running for office, it's not hating those who are in front of us. It's loving those who are behind us.

Anonymous said...

I haven't made up my mind yet on a candidate, but I do have great respect for both Peggy Noonan and Laura Ingraham. They cannot be lumped together with Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. Ms. Noonan and Ms. Ingraham are both devout Catholics who put their faith first. Sean Hannity is off base with a great deal of Catholic teaching and tends toward the cafeteria style.

Neither Noonan nor Ingraham are wealthy a la Hannity/Limbaugh. So I think it's a bit of a slander to lump them in that way.

Anyway, I'll wait and see who wins the primaries and who we have to choose from.


Leticia said...

I didn't mean to treat the ladies badly, but I was shocked during their broadcast on Laura's radio program where they tried to convince the public that Romney had an epiphany regarding his pro-life position. It just rang so hollow,and I thought they were being disengenuous.
As for which candidate to support, look at their pro-life records. I think NRTL was crazy to endorse Thompson, who is no pro-life champion,and is not going anywhere in the polls.

Michelle said...

Check out Chuck Baldwin's column on Huckabee: