Monday, January 28, 2008

The Religion of Abortion

While 225,000 marched for life on Washington, getting ignored by the media, coverage was given to the travesty of three Protestant ministers and a rabbi 'blessing' a brand new abortion mill in upstate New York. Read the entire article here.
I remember marching with my diocese to a Planned Barrenhood killing center with our Bishop years ago, and feeling sick at heart to be greeted, from the other side of the forbidding black iron cemetery-like gates, by a female minister, and a Franciscan Friar(he was an Episcopalian from the Little Portion Friary). The abortionists know the power of the clergy, and how to harness it for their evil purposes. Fr Frank Pavone once said that while he was praying outside an abortion mill, someone ran out and yelled at him, "Stop interfering with our SACRAMENT!". The sacrifice of children was part of many pagan and satanic rituals, and we must be aware that abortion is a continuation of this evil ancient tradition. That is why Our Lady of Guadalupe, who overcame the Aztec religion's human sacrifice in Mexico is the perfect patroness of the unborn. This photo of the image of Our Lady was taken the day abortion was legalized in Mexico City and a baby-like light mysteriously appeared which cannot be explained.
UPDATE: Fr Tom Euteneuer(being greeted by a marcher as he awaits an interview with EWTN) has something powerful to say in this essay about the travesty in Schenectady, the March for Life and the death of Heath Ledger.
What I have always said about abortion as a demonic religion was on graphic display in NY as we were marching for life in DC. Two "ministers" came to do the blessing from a "reformed" church — their view of "reform" is obviously different than ours. The (male) reverend used the occasion to proudly announce a new doctrine to the three dozen devotees of sacred abortion: the right to privacy is endowed by God, he said. Now, we cannot even find the "right to privacy" in the US Constitution and yet this fellow makes a new religious right out of whole cloth. Don't ask the demonic religion for a good grounding in history or logic. The other abortion clergyman was a rabbi who blew the shofar as a way to show support for reproductive rights. Our friend Rabbi Yehuda Levin who blows the shofar most years at the March for Life will have a field day with that one.
The most absurd aspect of the blessing ceremony, however, was when the Rev. Larry Phillips of Schenectady's Emmanuel-Friedens Church led the congregation outside to lay hands on the brick and mortar and to declare that the killing center was "sacred ground." Ugh. The hierarchy (Planned Parenthood), the acolytes (clinic workers), the congregation (supporters) and the ministers were all at the abortion temple that day worshipping the god of abortion. And the demons were so pleased
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Hard to read, but most definitely important news to get out. Thanks for your coverage. The devil has got to go down! St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle ...

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