Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tiller the baby Killer is being brought to justice!

According to Life News, Infamous George Tiller the Baby Killer has to hand over his falsified abortion records. In Kansas, late term abortions are only allowed if carrying the child to term would result in serious, permanent impairment of a bodily function, according to Phil Kline, former Kansas Attorney General. Two doctors have to sign off on the abortion, for it to be legal.
In Tiller's world famous clinic, these rare conditions happen daily. One woman needed a late term abortion to attend a rock concert. Two doctors signed that outrageous lie!
Now, all these lies are about to meet the light of day. Pro-aborts had fought supeonas with concerns for the women's privacy, yet the same clinics who cite privacy concerns, regularly sell their clients personal information to abortion fundraisers.
Keep this in prayer, as the powers of darkness will surely battle the truth until the very last second!

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Anita Moore said...

Phill Kline is doing God's work, no question about it. He came and addressed the Idaho Chooses Life dinner and auction in December, and described how Planned Parenthood covers up incest and child molestation under the cloak of "privacy rights." He has withstood an enormous Planned Parenthood onslaught, but he fights on.