Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Bella" producer discusses film's Canadian and Puerto Rican release

We're starting Canada the first week of March. The distributor is Maximum Films. We'll definitely be in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. We're still developing the rest of the Canadian distribution plan.
From there we are going international - Australia, South Africa, Israel, on Virgin America Airlines. All the Latin American flights will be showing Bella.We sold Benelux (film distributor) in Europe - in Spain and Italy.
We're starting Australia Feb. 21st. It's going to be the litmus test for the English speaking rest of the world. And then April 25 is a big day because that's Mexico and once we open Mexico then we're going to the rest of Latin America.
HT LifeSite News
So, my readers outside the USA, you FINALLY have an opportunity to see the film I've been talking about all year. Don't miss it!

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