Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hat tip to The Anchoress who has reviewed CMR

My new blog, Catholic Media Review, affectionately dubbed, CMR, received a plug today from The Anchoress. She appreciated my review of Juno.
"After reading this informative review of the film Juno I’d say this site’s off to a splendid start, and it will become a “first-stop” reference when looking for information on what’s out there in the world of media, particularly if you’re trying to get a Christian perspective on things".
I enjoyed her post on young people joining traditional religious orders. I posted on this phenomenon myself, and I see this as a great sign of hope for the Church.
1/4 Update: Thanks to the Curt Jester, who mentioned us by name, and Danielle Bean who called us a 'handful of talented bloggers'. We appreciate your support in this effort. Also thanks to Mary Kochran who will be posting my reveiw of "Juno" on Catholic Exchange.
Our stat counter is smoking!

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