Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Rainbow over the March for Life

Americans of every age and walk of life were there. And you see plenty of young people – it even seemed like a youth rally. Priests and religious were also out in full force. It was as if they all came out of a sense of sacred duty.

It is an annual event that the pro-abortion movement dare not imitate; a massive groundswell that the liberal media dare not report.

The American Society for Tradition Family and Property said this on their website, and took this compelling photo of the rainbow which appeared after the March for Life in Washington last week. Read their full story of the March here.

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Anita Moore said...

Wow, and over the pilgrim statue of Our Lady (which, by the way, visited Boise last year).

We had a March for Life in Boise, too. It is the first one I have attended, and I'm told it was not as big as in previous years; but it was a far, far better showing than any demonstration of Boise left-wing nincompoopery can ever show.