Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Tuesday; What's a Catholic to do?

Well you can forget about Hillary and Obama. No way a serious Catholic would ever consider them, who are locked in a battle over who is the most devout abortion supporter. You can't cite the war in Iraq if you vote for Hillary, she was in favor of it, and abortion is the primary make or break issue for Catholics anyway.

That leaves Mc Cain, whom Sam Brownback, my former candidate is supporting, for pro-life reasons, or Romney whom Rick Santorum is supporting for the same reasons.Alan Keyes accuses Romney of being responsible for the same sex marriage debacle in Massachusetts.
Then there's Mike Huckabee, whom Bobby Schindler is supporting, and Terry Jeffrey said was most pro-life of all. IF I could vote in a state where it actually mattered, I'd vote for Huckabee.
Ron Paul has only gotten a 56% voting record from National Right to Life, and never got more than single digit numbers in any primary.

I changed my registration from Independent to Conservative, so I can't vote tomorrow.(our NY State Right to Life Party is defunct and our Right to Life coordinator asked us to help him save the Conservative Party from going anti-life. I wish there was a pro-life consensus, behind Huckabee, united we are strong. Divided the opponents of life can beat us,and give us another nightmare Clinton Presidency.
BUT you can be certain I'll be praying. . . and blogging.


Anonymous said...

Great entry! Really enjoyed your thoughts. I am still for Ron Paul.


Heidi Saxton said...

Regarding NRLC and Ron Paul:

Here's the actual link regarding Dr. Paul's record on life issues:

In point of fact, he is 100% pro-life -- he's an obgyn who continued to deliver babies while he was in Congress, often without compensation. The ONLY reason he voted against the federal law was because he is a strict constitutionalist, and believes that any powers not specifically granted to the federal gov't by the Constitution should be reserved by the states. Therefore, he believes that cloning should be absolutely prohibited -- by each state.

He has my vote, without reservation. He is a man who has always walked his talk, and his book on foreign policy (based on speeches he gave in Congress) is a real eye-opener. It was after reading this book that I became a "Ron Paul Girl."

Don't forget to vote!!!

Anonymous said...

Huckabee will be in Times Square Feb 5th for the Good Morning Show between 7am-9am. Supporters will be there. Broadway and 43rd & 44th Streets across from GMA studio! As Huckabee stated on the O'reilly Factor, he's staying in the race, Just as the Super bowl took a turn at the last minute with the NY Giants winning, Hey you never know, Huckabee may just be eading with just the same miracle.
Go Mike Go!

Michelle said...

Norma McCorvey of Roe vs. Wade has endorsed Ron Paul as well as yours truly. Read my endorsement from Life of the Party.

National Right to Life has been on a bad strategy track for many years, often times with legislation that even violates pro-life principle as well as Constitutional principle as the commenter above points out.

I'm voting for Ron Paul and running as a Ron Paul delegate to my state convention at my caucus on Saturday. This race is far from over. Many of the states who have voted, have merely voted in a beauty contest. It's all about the delegates that go to the national convention and who they'll vote for.